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Research Innovation Network Kerala

Over the year, Kerala has developed a network of scientific infrastructure with a host of dedicated institutions and a pool of scientific manpower. These institutions produce several innovations and inventions every year. Research Innovation Network-Kerala (RINK) aims to translate the research products into commercial ventures by connecting Research Institutions with Startups and Corporates.

RINK will operate actively to mould a culture of entrepreneurship thus delivering the best motivation for a larger circle of researchers. Utilizing the research potential of Kerala, RINK will provide an interdisciplinary workspace for research institutions from various industrial sectors.

RINK would enable Researchers and Innovators to explore opportunities available in the entrepreneurship space to take up their inventions to market place.

RINK is guided by the following objectives:

  • Facilitate collaborative partnership between Research Community and Industry
  • Promote Translational/Impactful Research
  • Encourage synergy between Startups and Researchers.


With a network of Research Institutions, proactive government policies, specialized universities and availability of talents, Kerala intends to build an innovation led economy. Rink - Research Innovation Network aims to translate some of the pathbreaking innovative research knowledge happening in the research labs into commercially viable products and services and thereby spur economic growth.
As one of the states having highest density of Research Institutions in India, Kerala have the potential to become the innovation capital of the country. Rink - Research Innovation Network brings together all leading Research Institutions and Industries into a common platform to address some of the larger societal challenges. Rink - Research Innovation Network provides opportunity to various stakeholders including Research Institutions from various industry segments to work together and thereby create inter disciplinary excellence.
Rink - Research Innovation Network, being a collaborative platform, encourages stakeholders to share their resources among the community and helps them to utilize resources effectively and efficiently.

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